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Communications Operator


The Jefferson City Police Department is currently  accepting applications for Communications Operator.


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Communications Operator

The Jefferson City Police Department Communications Section acts as the central hub for routine and emergency operations for all of Cole County. Members of the Communications Section serve our community by acting as the connecting fiber between local citizens and many Jefferson City & Cole County agencies. Candidates must display compassion, a desire to serve, professional conduct, and comprehensive knowledge and ability. Positions require mental toughness and courage while facing challenging situations.

The Minimum starting salary for Communications Operator is $40,000

  • Age
    At least 18 years of age with no maximum age limit.
  • Education and Experience
    Requiresa a high school diploma or equivalent, the ability to type 40 wpm and good speech/clarity.
  • Felonies
    Applicants shall NOT have been convicted of a felony or any offense that would be a felony if committed in Missouri, nor convictions of crimes of moral indecency. Applicants must not be under any indictment for any felony in any state or jurisdiction.
  • Citizenship
    Applicant must be a United States citizen.
  • Medical & Background Examination
    Applicants must pass a written test, medical examination, psychological examination, and an extensive background and criminal history check before being considered
  • Drug Usage
    The City has an obligation to its employees to take reasonable steps to ensure a drug free and safe place to work. The City also has an obligation to the citizens of Jefferson City and the public at large to provide quality and safe services through a policy and program prohibiting alcohol, illegal drugs, and controlled substances in the workplace.
  • Physical Requirements
    Ability to stand and/or sit for extended periods; visual acuity to read documents and computer screens for prolonged periods; speak clearly; and hearing adequate to operate radio and telephone equipment to participate in multiple conversations concurrently.
  • Mental Requirements
    Ability to concentrate on multiple detailed tasks for two hours or more; maintain composure and perform effectively in emergency and other stressful situations; and have strong interpersonal relationship skills to facilitate positive peer and community interaction.
  • Shift Work
    Must be able to work 10 hour shifts and rotate every 28 days between days, evenings and midnight's.



Career-oriented individuals are sought to answer 9-1-1 emergency calls and dispatch emergency personnel.  This position supports the function of the Jefferson City Police and Fire Departments, Cole County Sheriff's Office and four Cole County Volunteer Fire Districts and Departments, including monitoring and responding to emergency radio frequencies and public telephone calls, providing information upon request to personnel in the field, greeting and serving the community and other clerical and communications duties, to ensure radio transmissions and calls for service are processed in a responsible, timely and accurate manner on a continual basis.

Examples of Duties:


Monitors Police Department telecommunications and security systems, receives and respond to requests for Jefferson City Police and Fire Departments, Cole County Sheriff's Office and four Cole County Fire Departments, and other emergency services by telephone or radio; receives emergency telephone system calls for assistance and dispatches related public safety personnel; determines nature of required assistance, location and other pertinent information; and dispatches units according to standard operating procedures, to ensure emergency assistance is provided quickly.

Receives and responds to requests for information from City Police Officers, Cole County Deputies, City and County Fire Personnel in the field and other authorized persons; uses the computer aided dispatch (CAD) system  to enter all calls for service, emergency and non-emergency, in an accurate and timely manner, including all pertinent information to the call for service in such a way as to be effectively interpreted and acted upon by telecommunications personnel immediately and for archiving of information for later retrieval.

Performs various other communications functions as needed, including rerouting, paging and dispatching for holiday and after-hours City, County and State services; uses the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System, National Crime Information Center and Department of Revenue  computer systems to coordinate with other law enforcement agencies; and makes entries into Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System and National Crime Information Center files in order to facilitate the efficient and accurate exchange of law enforcement information.


Supplemental Information:

Paid training plus equipment and uniforms furnished. Females and minorities are encouraged to apply. 

Multi-tasking ability is a must.

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