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The Jefferson City Police Department offers many career paths, outside of our Police Officer & 911 Operator positions, that are great for civilians interested in serving our community. We employ over 30 civilian personnel in job classifications such as administration, records clerk, building maintenance and crime scene technicians. While these are civilian positions, all of our employees are held to the same clearance and background check requirements as our police officers.

Evidence& Property Room Technician


The Jefferson City Police Departments is dedicated to providing safe and secure storage areas for property and evidence while maintaining evidence integrity through accurate chain of custody documentation. Evidence personnel are responsible for receiving, storing, releasing and maintaining security of a wide variety of items. Property received by the Evidence Section includes, but is not limited to, cash, jewelry, guns and various weapons, narcotics, vehicles, bikes, blood samples, urine samples and other evidence related to assaults, homicides and other crimes.

Starting salary for a Full Time Evidence Technician is, $41,810.98

Starting pay for a Part Time  Property Room Technician is, $16.99 hourly

Police Information Clerk


The Records Section serves as the central repository for all police reports and related records. The Records Section submits an Incident Based Report in accordance with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and FBI standards for monthly crime statistic reporting. They are also responsible for preparing and transferring police reports to the city, state and federal courts for prosecution.

Starting salary for a Police Information Clerk is, $36,117.90



The Jefferson City Police Departments has several administrative positions. They include Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police, Police Information Manager, Administrative Technician, and Police Management Analyst. They perform a wide variety of functions from: secretarial work, payroll, fiscal accounting, purchasing, system administration and statistical crime reporting.

Starting salary for a Police Information Manager is, $48,401.44

Starting Salary for a Police Management Analyst is, $46,096.61

Starting Salary for an Administrative Assistant is, $39,819.98

Starting salary for an Administrative Technician is, $36,117.90

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