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Police Officer

Hiring Process

PO: Application
PO: Written Test
PO: Physical Eval
PO: Interview
PO: Backgrond

Background Investigation

All information is verified through criminal history checks, employer checks, personal references and credit checks.


Interview Board

Applicants will participate in a formal interview consisting of a series of standard and scenario based interview questions asked by a multiple person panel.


Physical Evaluation

Immediately following the Written Test you will be taken to perform the Physical Evaluation.


The evaluation consists of:

  • 1.5 Mile timed run

  • Sit & Reach

  • Agility Course

  • Bench Press

  • Body Fat Percentage measurement using skinfold Calipers.


The applicant must achieve a required amount of points to move to the next step in the process. 


Written Test

Applicant will be asked to complete a Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) exam administered by the Police Personnel Board. Applicant must receive a score of 70% or better to continue in the process.



An Electronic application will be completed on the City of Jefferson website. CLICK HERE


PO: Polygraph
PO: Conditional

Conditional Offer of Employment

If an applicant is found acceptable through the hiring process they will be recommended to an interview with the Chief of Police. After meeting with the Chief of Police, they may be offered a conditional offer of employment. The Police Officer Trainee position is contingent upon the applicant passing both the medical and psychological exams.



Polygraph exam is administered.


PO: Medical
PO: Psychological

Psychological Exam

If candidate is given a conditional offer of hire, then a psychological exam must be completed.


Medical Exam

Undergo a complete medical examination


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